A Disruptive Communications and Payments Platform for Real World Communities

How can communities leverage distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency to transition toward a free and sustainable future?

The BIG Idea in 101 Words

While governments and corporations collude to harvest and monetize the minutiae of our online activities, a vast expanse of untapped potential lies dormant right under our feet.

Smart phones, distributed ledger tech, and artificial intelligence collide to forge revolutionary new possibilities, the fusion of which will transform our world.

This very moment holds the opportunity to secure real freedom and abundance for humanity by enabling “indigenous economy” powered by the most trustworthy data technologies ever known.

In simple terms, LocalPort is a platform and strategy for communities to tap unrealized economic potential, democratize community life, and accelerate commerce safely and privately.

Your Mission: Transform local economies by introducing decentralized, tokenized communications and exchange that is both private and secure.

Let's be clear... the world is controlled by a small elite group that has been increasingly concentrating power and wealth into their own hands. Today, centralized governance and commercial models consider YOU as the product ...something to be optimized and harvested. 

The problem: You are the product

Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance is also widespread. People are fed up with the existing options that spy on us, track us, censor us, and keep us from innovating for the purpose of preserving themselves. 

Local communities are increasingly subject to the "extraction economy" wherein central banks, big-box retailers, and large tech companies systematically extract wealth from our local markets.

Value is endlessly drawn out of our communities by banks and corporate giants while local economic networks are progressively diminished.

It's a cruel and treacherous game.

Yes, we can change the game in...


Secure Messenger and Smart Wallet
(the Solution)

Network Platform Features

Private Encrypted Messenger

Digital surveillance is widespread, whether it's corporations or governments. LocalPort Messenger is easy-to-use software that connects you with local people and resources without anyone else listening in.

Bank-Integrated Smart Wallet

Connect your bank to send and receive money with any LocalPort user at zero cost. Collect and redeem LocalToken, or store and transact in other major cryptocurrencies while protecting your privacy.  

Loyalty & Merchant Services

Local businesses pay a heavy price in the form of processing fees. Now they can incentivize loyal customers and get instant payment from any checking or savings account with fees approaching $ZERO.

Community Marketplace

Individuals can buy, sell or trade any goods and services they want without having to tap into fiat cash reserves. Better than barter, LocalToken-based exchange is simple, secure, and private. 

Asset-backed Crypto Rewards

Both a utility-token and a value-based currency, the LocalToken (LOK) fosters secure exchange that's backed by local people, resources and fungible assets. A secure, private tool perfect for stimulating the local economy.

Intelligent (AI) Personal Assistant

Meet Unity AI,  your Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) powered by THE most advanced conversational AI engine in the world. Unity AI is available to personally assist every user on the network.  


We have the means to create local freedom and resilience:

  1. Vision to secure a communications network “of, by and for” actors of the local economy
  2. Power to allocate our own credit directly without the use of banks or political money
  3. Wisdom to incentivize smart engagement that leads the world toward local resilience

LocalPort is a private decentralized messaging, rewards, and transactions platform for local communities powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT) built on Hedera hashgraph.

The vision of LocalPort is to unleash a tidal wave of abundance within real-world communities via the tokenization of human resources and natural capital.

LocalToken(LOK) is a modular utility token that fuels interactions in the LocalPort Network. Interactions include the ability to connect with other users, the facilitation of encrypted messaging and file sharing, collaborative groups, private exchange, commercial transactions, and a system of user-driven governance.

LOK is used to maintain the internal transaction system and network operability as well as the basis for community wealth creation, rewards, and trade between network users.

The LocalToken(LOK) is both a utility-token and a value-based currency.

This document highlights the case for building a decentralized messaging and commerce platform (and network) for local real-world communities on Hedera's hashgraph distributed ledger technology (DLT) and details a proposal for such a network.

Your Team

John D. Allen

Tony Camero

Rennie Sng

Drew O'Meara
SVP Technology

Steve Englander
Chief Product 

Stephen Kelley
Data Scientist

Charles Robinson


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