We're bringing local back.

LocalPort is a platform and strategy for communities to tap unrealized potential, to inspire and incentivize community engagement, and to accelerate trade and commerce safely and privately.

New tools for bringing local back into focus

Decentralized Local Communications Network

Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. Now you can protect your freedom and privacy with LocalMessenger™  a decentralized communications, contacts, file share, and collaboration tool delivered using contemporary encryption methods so your online activities are private.


Immersive Local Resource and Engagement Maps

You should be able to find what you're looking for. LocalHERO™ is the first game-like experience that allows you to explore local people, events, activities, and resources spatially in 3D augmented-reality (AR) environments. This interface reinvents local discovery, publishing and engagement, and you'll earn LocalToken™ for engaging in community activity through the platform. 

Built with #Unity3D

LocalToken™ Private Cryptocurrency

LocalToken™  are digital rewards received for contributing to the community (AKA doing things like volunteering, attending events, or publishing content) and by engaging with people, places, and events through the network. When LocalToken™ are exchanged for local goods it strengthens the economy. 


Use Case Scenarios


Johnny started using LocalMessenger™ when the pastor of his church sent him an invite. 

He mostly uses it to chat privately with his girlfriend and the high school football team, but is also part of a gamer's group. He's able to connect to LocalPort through his Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles, so he's always got access to what's happening. 


You can get two (2) LocalToken™ for helping paint park benches at Central park on Saturday!

It’s listed alongside the other volunteer activities sponsored by local merchants. Maryanne never misses opportunities to earn LocalToken™  because she has notifications set on her LocalPort calendar to display opportunities to earn in her area.


Jason is a massage therapist. He accepts 50% LocalToken™ for first-time customers.

It helps him expand his customer base, and keep his schedule full. He knows he can always get things he needs from other people in the community that also trade for LocalToken, and he often hops on the Marketplace to see what kind of new stuff he can get locally.


Joe’s Pizza has historically been slow every Tuesday afternoon... ever since the shop opened 3 years ago!

Recently though, Joe joined the LocalPort merchant cooperative and set up a LocalHERO™ reward to get buy-1-get-1 large pizzas from 2-5 pm (but only on Tuesdays) in exchange for one (1) LocalToken™.

Now, the store is hopping on Tuesdays.

Your Mission: 

Transform local economies by introducing decentralized, tokenized communications and exchange that is both private and secure.

R. Buckminster Fuller

American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

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