We're bringing local back.

A Decentralized Communications and Engagement Platform For Local Communities

Decentralized Local Communications Network

Whether it's ​BIG internet companies or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. Communities can now protect local freedom and privacy with a decentralized communications and networking tool. localHERO ​lets Merchants transact securely with local users using  over an encrypted communications network ​where local online activities are 100% private. 


Immersive Local Resource and Engagement Maps

You should be able to find what you're looking for. localHERO™ is the first game-like experience that allows you to explore local people, events, activities, and resources spatially in 3D augmented-reality (AR) environments. This interface reinvents local discovery, publishing and engagement, and you'll earn localHERO™ rewards for engaging in community activity through the platform. 


Community Cashback

localHERO™ delivers cashback to members when they contribute to the greater good utilizing innovative card-linked services technology.   It's a "community-loyalty" platform where local engagement earns cashback seamlessly delivered when they frequent locally-owned shops and establishments, strengthening local merchants and the whole economy 


We're bringing local back.

How can communities leverage distributed ledgers to transition toward a free and sustainable future?

Together we will change the game in:


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