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The massively transformative purpose of LocalPort is to foster local communications and exchange that empower communities at sustainably low fees and with increasingly high privacy standards.

Attract more customers and accept instant digital payments without credit card fees. Simultaneously give the gift of privacy and connectivity to your customers while building a stronger local economy.

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Both powerful and easy to use, the Community in a box™ framework provides a comprehensive set of tools for activating your customers to increase cash flow and create a stronger local economy. More than just a distributed mobile app, LocalPort provides all the capabilities you need to more fully engage your local community, and quickly grow deeper customer relationships.

Platform Features

Community Builder WiFi 

Build your customer list simply and easily with our Community Builder WiFi™ solution. 100% automated marketing platform builds relationships and drives foot traffic. Customers just connect to join your LocalPort community, and earn LocalHERO™ rewards. 


The most community-minded loyalty program in the world, LocalHERO™ harnesses the power of games to engage teams of people in fun collaborative activities that solve real-world problems. People get engaged in projects that are important to the community, and LocalHERO™ Rewards drive new customers and revenue to local business.

Merchant Directory & Messenger

Merchants take control of their digital relationship with local customers while protecting user identity and privacy through fully encrypted personal identity data (ID), contacts, messaging, and groups that keep everyone in the local community in touch securely and privately.

Smart Wallet & Payments

Send and receive instant mobile payments at near zero cost from any US checking account, manage digital currencies safely and privately (including Bitcoin/Etherium), save, redeem, or trade any LocalHERO™ Rewards that you've earned in the community.

Merchant Dashboard & POS

Eliminate credit card processing fees and securely take instant digital payment using the LocalPort Dashboard and Point-of-Sale (POS). Any standard tablet fits easily into a tiny footprint and gives permissions-based access to settings, analytics, and reporting.


Get discovered by locals and attract new business. Keep your regulars coming back to get more for their money. Use our tools to learn more about your customers and keep it personal.


With more foot traffic, higher purchase volume, and lower transaction fees every digital purchase is worth more! Keep your profits and grow your business


Become part of a community that supports local culture and values! Cooperatively grow your customer base and strengthen your local economy.

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