Transforming the way communities exchange value.

Beyond blockchain

We're enabling communities to connect and exchange in ways that have never existed ​via the fastest, and most secure distributed ledger tech (DLT) on Earth (think blockchain)...

LocalPort's decentralized ​communications, rewards, and payments platform, Community in a box™ is powered by Hedera hashgraph, the worlds fastest distributed ledger.

Hedera hashgraph is #BeyondBlockchain

A truly safe, private, and transparent peer-to-peer economy has arrived.

About Hedera ​

Hedera resolves the factors that constrain adoption of public DLTs, like Bitcoin or Etherium (blockchains), specifically speed and scalability. ​Hedera extends unparalleled performance advantages to our platform. We ​see hashgraph as the future of “blockchain.”

Foundations of freedom


Eliminating 3rd party intermediaries from the payment process transforms the feasibility and economics of a local payments network


Open battle-tested code and protocols are going to replace the ageing banking and payments industry infrastructure


Immutability of the network and data will provide unparalleled reliability and galvanizes the public trust


With speeds that exceed 250k TPS, transactions on our payments network will clear not in days or hours... but seconds.


Hashgraph is fair, ensuring the consensus order of transactions reflects the transaction order received by the community.


Decentralization and cryptography creates a more culturally and digitally secure community by giving consumers more control.

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Transforming Local Communities

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