We're bringing local back.

We're restoring freedom and privacy online by migrating communications and trade to locally-owned decentralized systems.


Better community. Better life.

Digital ID & Total Data Ownership

for individuals and business.

Encrypted Communications

for families, small groups and teams.

Community Liquidity DeFi Solutions

for businesses and institutions.

Tools to Take Control of Local Economy

Let's go beyond today's "commercial web" to the web where you experience sovereignty over your data and your life via decentralized Web 3.0 technologies.

freedom | privacy | autonomy

The transformation will not be televised...

We're migrating local communications and trade to decentralized systems and networks while turning users into owners, and local institutions into partners.

A Solution for Communities

Digital ID & Total Data Ownership

With open digital identity standards, and leading edge data management tools all your data is safely stored in your personal online datastore (POD). This will forever change the way your personal data is stored and shared. 

Encrypted Communications

Digital circles and communications encrypted from end-to-end using open-source libraries. Your network communications completely safe with decentralized data and ID management tools. The only people who should EVER see your conversations are the people you're talking with.

Community Liquidity DeFi Solution

Experience greater liquidity for your business interest free. Increase transaction volume and improve cashflow. Engage in trade without reducing cash on hand. Strengthen relationships with your best customers and attract new ones. 

What YOU can do today:

Build a "digital safety net" for your community 
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Secure your existing social and professional networks (connect others).

Beta test utility-grade technology solution
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Decentralized Autonomous Networks

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

R. Buckminster Fuller

American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist.