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Play games that matter.

How can local communities transition toward a free and sustainable future?

New technologies make our lives more convenient, even fun… Problem is, they are dominated by big corporations that realize all the profits, manipulate markets, and leave the little guy hanging out to dry.

Enter LocalPort Messenger and Secure Wallet

LocalPort is a disruptive communications and cryptocurrency platform that turns local community activities into location‐based games on the mobile phone and transforms local communities by tapping underutilized resources to fuel behaviors that advance community initiatives.

LocalPort expands social and civic engagement by adding game mechanics to community activities and locations. More than an app, LocalPort is an ecosystem of partners committed to supporting progressive action to strengthen our values and economy.

LocalPort users can earn points (crypto) as they pass through various stages of gameplay. They can unlock achievements, earn status, and be recognized for what they bring to the game. In the LocalPort universe, points are earned by participating in Missions and Challenges.

Missions and Challenges are activities that you can complete with friends or by yourself that contribute to solving real-world problems identified by your community. You’ll gather points as you gain status and recognition and earn exclusive access and deals with retailers and local sponsors. Unlike PokemonGo, LocalPort Missions and Challenges actually make a difference in the real world. They consist of activities, events, and ideas that move the ball forward on things that are important to the community.

Wanna play?

Better community. Better life.

Our communities are teaming with untapped potential. LocalPort was created to release it.

LocalPort was conceived on the idea that local communities have an abundance of resources, both material and human.

We believe that with the correct application of technology and creativity, we can tap into that potential and enable communities to do more with what they already have. We have developed a simple strategy to begin unlocking that potential right now, by leveraging our collective resources in a cycle of cooperative abundance that benefits all.

LocalPort has three (3) core elements:

  1. Connection-Human and Business Networks
  2. Engagement-Local Events, Activities, and Services
  3. Communications-Encrypted Messaging Platform

We’re locals helping communities leverage existing opportunities, unlock resources, and advance local values through a harmony of service and technology.

LocalPort is deploying community infrastructure that drives attention and revenue to community values while promoting local culture and commerce.

Connection - deploying state-of-the-art networks and mobile services over a shared cooperative technology platform.

Engagement - real people promoting “local first” to help drive meaningful engagement between the local community and itself.

Communications – mobile first secure communications that build relationships and enables achievement of common goals.

Find out more about how we can help you engage your community by joining the launch notification list.