Better community. Better life.

Our communities are teaming with untapped potential. LocalPort was created to release it.

LocalPort was conceived on the idea that local communities have an abundance of resources, both material and human.

We believe that with the correct application of technology and creativity, we can tap into that potential and enable communities to do more with what they already have. We have developed a simple strategy to begin unlocking that potential right now, by leveraging our collective resources in a cycle of cooperative abundance that benefits all.

LocalPort has three (3) core elements:

  1. Connection-Human and Business Networks
  2. Engagement-Local Events, Activities, and Services
  3. Communications-Encrypted Messaging Platform

We’re locals helping communities leverage existing opportunities, unlock resources, and advance local values through a harmony of service and technology.

LocalPort is deploying community infrastructure that drives attention and revenue to community values while promoting local culture and commerce.

Connection - deploying state-of-the-art networks and mobile services over a shared cooperative technology platform.

Engagement - real people promoting “local first” to help drive meaningful engagement between the local community and itself.

Communications – mobile first secure communications that build relationships and enables achievement of common goals.

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