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Utility-grade tools that secure data and communications for individuals, families, and businesses ...locally.

A "Whole Community" Solution

Encrypted Communications

Secure Voice, Video and Text Messaging with Social Networking too!

Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. Protect your freedom and privacy with decentralized communications, contacts, and file share delivered using the strongest contemporary encryption methods.

Digital ID & Total Data Ownership

Together with our partners, LocalPort is building a more inclusive internet (and society) by providing digital ID and data tools to all human beings, irrespective of their economic, political and social status. You'll have control over your personal identity and data, and can share with who you want when you want, and no one else.

TrustScore™ and Digital ID Management by EarthID

LocalPort members have the highest level of privacy and control of their personal information and data powered by EarthID. Access to local services will be more streamlined, and members need not have to submit the same credentials to different local organizations for verification. A decentralized ledger protects all the information, and members can readily share it with any individual or organization.

Social Linked Data (SOLID) and Total Data Ownership

SOLID is a set of rules that facilitate the ethical storage and transfer of personal data. This specification actually gives rise to a world wide personal data web in which the concept of a personal data vault is central, and lets people control their data, and choose the applications and services to use with it.

Decentralized Autonomous Networks

Powered by the world's premier autonomous network solution, LocalPort replaces the vulnerable infrastructure of the existing Web with a decentralized, autonomous network powered by open source software. A network that is secure, and accessible to everyone. 

Autonomous, Decentralized, Encrypted Infrastructure... forever. 

The Safe Network is self-managing. It manages how computers can act on the Network in real-time, changing roles and responsibilities dynamically in response to real-time changes without any input from humans or businesses.

Community-Owned Cooperative Business Model

LocalPort is a legally formed cooperative under Chapter 501a of the Iowa Code. Our intent is to issue ownership (cooperative membership) to local users and partners who contribute to the growth and/or operation of the Network. That makes us a "community owned" operation.

Coop Members (users and partners) will build and prosper local networks that appeal to "buy local" sensibilities of both community members and business owners, while enabling us all to capitalize together on the power of the cooperative business model. 


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