LocalPort Selects Hedera Hashgraph

LocalPort Technologies to Build its Secure Messenger and Local Cryptocurrencies on Hedera Hashgraph Public Distributed Ledger

A Disruptive Communications and Currency Platform for Local Communities

Fairfield, Iowa, USA – 10/10/2018 – Today, Iowa technology startup LocalPort announces that they have selected the Hedera hashgraph public distributed ledger platform upon which to build their “Community Operating System,” a private decentralized messaging, rewards and transactions platform for local communities.

The Community Operating System is a platform (and a strategy) for communities to tap unrealized potential and accelerate local trade and commerce safely and privately. While governments and corporations collude to harvest the minutiae of our online activities, LocalPort is targeting a far more expansive pool of untapped abundance that Founder and CEO Tony Camero says, “lies dormant right under our feet.”

The Hedera hashgraph platform will offer a public, distributed ledger that enables LocalPort to easily develop a secure, fair, blazing fast, globally distributed mobile communications and cryptocurrency platform for realizing the company’s vision of transforming local economies.

“We’ve been waiting for a platform that can support that scale and potentially viral growth of platforms that represent the next evolution of the internet. Blockchain doesn’t get us there, but Hedera hashgraph does,” said Camero.

“Our vision is to be the fastest, most widely distributed, secure public ledger, and by doing so, eliminate the need for many trusted third parties, putting control back in the hands of users at the very moment they are most hungry for it,” said Jordan Fried, VP of Global Business Development for Hedera. “We are excited that LocalPort shares in this vision of putting local communities in control of their own communications and commerce, and are pleased they have decided to build on top of Hedera.”

LocalPort will make its Community Operating System available in a limited number of US communities in its rollout in 2019.


LocalPort’s Community Operating System is a private decentralized messaging, rewards, and transactions platform for local communities powered by Hedera hashgraph. The vision of LocalPort is to unleash the potential abundance of real-world communities via the tokenization of human resources and natural capital.

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