Innovation for the People.

A rapidly growing community of companies and individuals are working together to build the new Internet using standards-based tools and architecture that support human values and digital sovereignty for one's personal data, interactions, and activity.

Values-Driven Development

Innovation adapts to world events. So, we embed in our architecture the idea that every individual is worthy of guaranteed personal data security and privacy... without compromise. 

 We design with the goal of developing resilient local economies in the digital age, and that will require decentralized computing and autonomous systems infrastructure.

We build our solutions to elevate humanity.

Decentralized ID management

Your profile and digital identity is created and protected  with Earth.ID tools and services, and is delivered on Hedera hashgraph. Your Earth.ID from LocalPort is portable, ensuring secure and frictionless decentralized exchange and verification of your identity information anywhere online and offline.

All your data, under your control

Our solutions incorporate the Solid protocol to store user data in decentralized, accessible, and portable data stores called Pods. Pods are personal secure servers that enable you to control who and what can access your digital ID or social graph and data.

Autonomous Data Networks

To ensure the safety and availability of your data for centuries to come, we're building on a decentralized autonomous data network, the SAFE Network, whose mission is to protect everyone’s data and ensure that it stays online forever. 

Decentralized on Hedera. 

ONLY Hashgraph achieves the highest-grade of security possible (ABFT), with blazing-fast transaction speeds and incredibly low bandwidth consumption.


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